Three Mobile Remote Access Apps that Will Blow Your Mind!

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Despite belonging from the fast-paced era of Mobile age, our affection from the PC (Laptop or Desktop) hasn’t vanished yet. We still love the comfort of typing on a keyboard and toggling through our mouse. This is the age of remote access where we are able to access a system from a very far distance yet gives us a feeling like we’re sitting right in front of it. But here occurs the issue! A desktop is impossible to carry around and laptops are also not super-portable like our mobiles.

So, what’s the solution? How can we enjoy the services of remote desktop software like AeroAdmin and TeamViewer when an emergency comes? Well, fear not! We’re here to help you out with the remote access mobile apps which can let you access your computer at home or office by bus or train! Let’s have a quick tour of the best mobile apps for remote access.


TeamViewer is a popular tool for the desktop remote access as well. And now it comes with the mobile application version which is absolutely free of cost. The Android and iOS users can get the glimpse of awesome offerings that are made by the TeamViewer authority. TeamViewer is a simple-to-use app which makes accessing and editing documents of your connected computer even easier while you’re on your way. The Android version of the famous remote access tool provides you the real-time keyboard feeling along with the facility to right-click, left-click, drag and drop for the mobiles with the multi-touch facility. This app is Free.


PhoneMyPC just needs the easy to setup, free client to be installed on PC along with its application that is available on Google Play Store. This application is also a remote access app which lets a user access the PC through the application. You don’t have to work in any additional network settings for PhoneMyPC. The application has also made itself Tablet-ready which is a huge advantage for the Tablet users. phoneMyCP offers an alluring set of features but comes with a steep pricing of $841.01.

Android VNC Viewer

As the name states, the application is made dedicatedly for Android OS. You can get access and control of your PC from your Android device through this application. Android VNC Viewer can turn out to be the best solution for accessing your desktop from your Android mobile and VNC which describes Virtual Network Computer is quite a solid solution for the users. The computer that is needed to be accessed has to have VNC Software installed and the app assures the rest. You can also save the session to session texts via Android VNC Viewer. Oh, I forgot! This app is free!

Three Mobile Remote Access Apps that Will Blow Your Mind!

These are the top 3 competitors and participants among a long list of mobile remote access applications. These applications are both paid and free as you can see from the description. So, now it’s quite easy for you to be more productive and work smoothly even if you’re out of the home without your PC!

If you want to know about some worthy Remote Desktop Software and install it on your PC to access other systems, you need to know what you want from the software and what it’s offering. So, you can get every detail of RDS on Layerpoint from an in-depth article written on it. So, hope you access safely!


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